[sane-devel] Preview in xscanimage only possible as root

Oliver Schwartz Oliver.Schwartz@gmx.de
Tue, 27 Nov 2001 19:44:08 +0100


> since I have installed sane 1.06 recently, invoking  the 'preview window'
> crashes xscanimage ('floating point exception (core dumped)') when logged
> in as mere user.
> But xscanimage WORKS when not using a preview.
> This doesn't occur when logged in as root, and it didn't at all with
> version 1.05.
> There is no such problem with xsane (0.81).
> Some more details about my system:
> - Pentium 3
> - Redhat 7.1 with kernel 2.4.9-12
> - AGFA SNAPSCAN 1212U_2 with firmware loaded by
>    /usr/local/etc/sane.d/snapscan.conf

Please send me a debug log of such a crash ("export SANE_DEBUG_SNAPSCAN=255", 
"xscanimage 2>debug.log"). I'll try to find out if this is a crash in the