[sane-devel] Nikon LS-1000, broken?

Morten Sickel Morten.Sickel@nrpa.no
Wed, 9 Jan 2002 15:11:39 +0100

I've got an Nikon LS-1000 film scanner that has been connected to a Win NT
PC. That PC has been broken for a while, so recently I connected the scanner
to my HP workstation running sane. The scanner is detected and sane belives
it is working, but the scan turn out to be a (nearly) all black image with a
few colored spots. Does anybody recognice this as a symptom that I have done
something wrong with setting up the scanner, or should I just try to have
the scanner repaired at once?  (I know sane is working properly, as I have
already another scanner connected to the HP)