[sane-devel] Another cross-post for sane-gphoto2

jim.george@blueyonder.co.uk jim.george@blueyonder.co.uk
Thu, 10 Jan 2002 21:49:19 +0000 (GMT)


	having now opened my eyes and read what was available on the net I have
realised that I needed to upgrade to sane-1.0.6 to be able to include support for

	I am having several problems though and am not sure who could help, whether
it's the sane team, gphoto2 team or both.

	When I first ran ./configure it complained of not being able to find
/usr/local/lib/gphoto2 this was because the actual libraries were in a sub-directory
called 2.0beta4dev6. I linked these to the /usr/local/lib/gphoto2 directory to get
over that problem.

	Then it complained about libjpeg libraries missing, this was because some
of them were in /usr/lib so I linked these into /usr/local/lib.

	Next was the includes for gphoto2...the '-I' directive was
'-I$with_gphoto2/include/gphoto2' but $with_gphoto2 was empty.  So I hardcoded -I to
be '-I/usr/local/include/gphoto2' to get over this.

	Then it complained of a missing config.h file.  I copied one over from the
gphoto2 source tree.

	It then complained that PACKAGE and VERSION had been redefined whereupon it failed the gphoto2.h test.

	Please can someone (sane-devel and or gphoto2) tell me how I get over this
properly (or even more hacking :))?

Kind Regards,