[sane-devel] Epson 1650 out of memory

Henk Abma habma@xs4all.nl
Wed, 2 Oct 2002 01:06:52 +0200

On Mon, Sep 30, 2002 at 05:20:41PM -0400, Karl Heinz Kremer wrote:
> It's not your system that is out of memory, you are trying to transfer
> too much data. With 1600 dpi and a 10 cm wide scan you are creating
> more data per scan line than can fit into one SCSI transfer.

clear, I also understand that picture-scan quality stops improving before 
the 1600dpi limit. I was just playing a bit and simply wasn't expecting 
this error. Also after this error has ocurred, I have to reset the scanner 
before I can scan again, no matter what resolution. Unfortunately I don't 
have the error messages available, but when I use scanimage after the 'out 
of memory' error, the screen keeps scrolling error messages until I 
unplug- and replug the scanner from power. Now that I'm writing this down, 
this sounds more like a scanner bug than one in software?

Appart from these errors I am very happy with the sane/epson 1650