[sane-devel] Lexmark X83

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning@meier-geinitz.de
Wed, 30 Oct 2002 00:44:41 +0100


On Tue, Oct 29, 2002 at 02:59:59PM -0800, Dave Close wrote:
> I did try modprobe and the scanner is now recognized by sane-find-scanner.


> >> scanimage -h gt68xx:
> >> (without a device file) reports a segmentation fault.
> >Ooops. Doesn't happen here:
> >However, the syntax would be:
> >scanimage -d gt68xx -h
> That was a typo in my message. I did use -d. Now that sane-find-scanner
> finds the scanner, I still get the segfault with that command. This is
> on Linux 2.4.19.

Please send the output of
SANE_DEBUG_GT68XX=255 scanimage -d gt68xx -h

and gdb scanimage
("run -d gt68xx -h"). So we may find out what's going wrong.

> I see the firmware file name for the X7? scanner in the source code.
> There is no file on the X83 CDs with a name anywhere similar. And grepping
> through all the files on the CD did not find any useful instances of "OSL".

Maybe it's packed in an installer binary. That's the case with quite a
lot of Mustek BearPaw scanners. You'll only get the firmware if you
install the driver on Windows...

You can download a firmware from the Lexmark web site for this
scanner. It's a .exe zip that inflates to two more .exe files and a
fw581.bin. The latter one i 380 KB in size so I guess it's not a
GT-68XX firmware. Maybe it's for the printer?

The other alternative is that there is just no firmware and therefore
no GT-6816 chip.

You can try without firmware. E.g.

SANE_DEBUG_GT68XX=255 scanimage -d gt68xx >pnm.log

If it complains about missing firmware, you may have luck. If it just
hangs or talks about i/o error, it may not be an GT6816 chip.