[sane-devel] Best Java programming API library available

sony antony sonyantony@hotmail.com
Wed, 30 Oct 2002 15:24:46 +0000

Thanks for the prompt reply Frank:

>SANE is released under GPL plus an exception. But basically if your 
> >product doesn't go outside your company, you can do whatever you want 
> >and you don't have to give your changes back. However giving some 
> >changes or new backend/frontend would be appreciated.

Will be more than happy to.

>SANE is not really a product. It's more like a set of functionnalities 
> >(core libraries, backends, frontends) that understand the SANE API. 
> >AFAIK there's only one public implementation and you've got it.

And it is this public implementation that is under GPL ( plus the exception 
) correct ?

>>        library for sane. Is there one that is the most popular Java 
>> >>implementation.

>There is an old java interface in the sane-backend package (directory 
> >japi). However it's not been maintained sine august 1999.

I also read mentions about JSane - but not that many hits. Was this 
something that failed to take off.

>>    8. Finally has teh on-the-wire protocol for sane been 
>> >>implemented/mapped to Java. IOW if I have a Java client, can my 
>> >>client process completely in Java ( bottommost layer in java talks 
>> >>this protocol, that is then sent over the wire with Java sockets >>APIs 
>>- So its Java all the way )

>Yes, but you may have to write the layer that talks to saned.

OK so there is no java class library to do this translation/Marshalling. 
Maybe the only way is to use Java native classes, that underneath uses the C 
implementation of this translation correct ? ( IOW there is no *existing* 
Java implementation for this translation )

By the way is there any reason why IIOP ( on the wire protocol for CORBA 
using TCP ) and in general CORBA was not chosen as the RPC layer. Is it 
because of the huge raw bytes that needs to be transferred.

Thanks again

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