[sane-devel] sanei_usb.c

Paul Smedley paul@smedley.info
Tue, 28 Jun 2005 22:24:36 +0930

Hi All,
I'm working on adding support for USB scanners for Sane on OS/2.

OS/2 doesn't have libusb, but has a library usbcalls that provides 
similar functionality, albeit most of the calls use different syntax.

I have sane-find-scanner working now for most scanners, and have started 
work on remaining functions in sanei_usb.c

One query I have though is about devname

I see in sanei_usb.h that the libusb format for this is libusb:busno:devno

Is this defined for all devices or just ones that sanei_usb_init thinks 
are scanners?

I assume that the format of devname really isn't important - so long as 
it's useful to the usb method being used (ie kernel, libusb or usbcalls 
for OS/2) in determining which usb device is being attached to?

In which case, I could use usbcalls:deviceno or even just deviceno?

usbcalls doesn't just bus/deviceno - it just has a device number for 
each device attached.

Thanks for listening - I hope to have some patches (and probably some 
more questions!!) soonish :)