[sane-devel] configuring devicename so it can be used in gimp

Praveen Kallakuri prak23 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 11:47:39 UTC 2006


I am relatively new to sane and after digging around for a few hours now, I
still cannot find the solution to what seems to be a simple problem.

I can get xsane to start up and connect to my scanner using the following

xsane hpaio:/net/Officejet_6300_series?ip=

But without the devicename, i get the "no devices avaliable" error. I can
live with this if I used xsane standalone, but I want to use it from gimp.

>From the xsane man page:

When xsane is started from the gimp then it is not possible  to  add  a
> devicename explicitly. You have to make the devices known to the system by
> configuring sane-dll, sane-net and saned.

Problem is that I don't know what else to do in terms of sane-dll
configuration except that I have ensured that there is an
/etc/sane.d/dll.d/hplip and that file has the "hpaio" backend in it (I am
running ubuntu dapper). I also tried specifying the backend directly in
dll.conf and also adding  "hpaio:/net/Officejet_6300_series?ip=" but to no avail.

sane-net and and saned don't seem to be relevant to my situation since it
seems to enable controlling "devices attached to a remote host". saned seems
to do the opposite and that seems irrelevant too.

Any help?


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