[sane-devel] UMAX 1200S Truncated Image Problem

Romash, Cliff romash at sonusnet.com
Wed May 3 01:52:11 UTC 2006

So, with a little but of experimentation, I was able to get things working.
Using the command  SANE_DEBUG_UMAX=255 scanimage

I observed the following during the initialization(only the four lines that were relevant to me are shown):

[umax] attach_scanner: sanei_scsi_open_extended returned scsi buffer size = 16384
[umax] variable scsi buffer size (usage of sanei_scsi_open_extended)
[umax] sane_start: umax_scsi_open_extended returned scsi buffer size = 34000
[umax] bytes per line          = 2550

and then the following during reading:

[umax] umax_queue_read_image_data_req for buffer[0], length = 33150
[umax] umax_queue_read_image_data_req: id for buffer[0] is 0x8066630
[umax] umax_reader_process: read image data queued for buffer[0]
[umax] umax_wait_queued_image_data for buffer[1] (id=0x8077088)
[umax] sane_read: read 32768 bytes
[umax] umax_wait_queued_image_data: wait returned status Error during device I/O
[umax] ERROR: umax_reader_process: unable to get image data from scanner!
[umax] reader_process: freeing SCSI buffer[1]
[umax] reader_process: finished reading data
[umax] sane_read: read 382 bytes
[umax] sane_read: read 0 bytes
[umax] do_cancel
[umax] killing reader_process

Since the read seemed to fail after 32768 bytes, I changed the /etc/sane.d/umax.conf file as follows:
$diff umax.conf_save  umax.conf
< #option scan-lines 100
> option scan-lines 12

So that the read would ask for less than 32768 (12*2550) and thus complete. Once I do that, all my scans work fine.

So my question is why do I need to do this? Is this a bug in the umax backend? Or something else?


Cliff Romash

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