[sane-devel] Re: SANEd and DNS-SD

Jochen Eisinger jochen at penguin-breeder.org
Sat Feb 17 17:35:04 CET 2007


Alex Austin wrote:
> I'm working on a SANEd / WIA (Windows Imaging Architecture) bridge
> driver right now. I suppose I could be the contact person, but if
> someone else would prefer, I have no attachment to it. I figured the
> head maintainer of the SANE net backend could, but looking further, I'm
> not sure there is one.
basically, I could be the contact person, yes.

> As for TXT Records, Can't the protocol version be determined easily from
> connecting to the daemon? same with ssl/tls?
that's not clear yet, since the SANE 2 is still under development and
the net protocol (hopefully) won't be compatible to the current one.

-- jochen

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