[sane-devel] to configure HP ScanJet 2400 also applies to the HP G2410

Fernando Villafañe fvillafa at linuxmail.org
Thu Jan 8 02:58:25 UTC 2009

It is based on a driver for Linux that offers an Indian company:


A user issue a .deb package in:

But I could not install because it tries to overwrite the library

The information was obtained from the following website,
which is a tutorial in Portuguese:


This driver is for HP Scanjet 2400 but it works
well with the HP ScanJet G2410 as they apparently have
same chipset.

1. Download the driver on the link below:

2. Open the terminal, go to the directory where the file
save and unzip with the command below:

   $unzip HP\ Scanjet\ 2400.zip

3. Now change to the HP Scanjet 2400 directory, which was
decompressed, using the command:

   $cd HP \ Scanjet \ 2,400 /

4. Inside this directory are two files. One
  file called 2400rv.tar.gz and a text document
  called "hp 2400 scanner procedure-installation.doc,
  providing instructions to install the driver, but we
  do not use it. We will decompress the file 2400rv.tar.gz
  using the command below:

   $tar xzf 2400rv.tar.gz

5. go to in the 2400rv directory, which was
  uncompressed, using the command below:

   $cd 2400rv

6. In this directory there are 5 more files. We will
  use the files hp2400.tgz and libsane.tgz. The file
  hp2400.tgz have the drivers of the scanner while the
  file libsane.tgz contains libraries of modified
  sane to identify the new scanner.

7.First will decompress the file hp2400.tgz
  directly to the directory /usr/lib/sane using
  command below:

   $sudo tar xzf hp2400.tgz -C /

8.Now will decompress the file to the libsane
  /usr/lib, using the command below:

   $sudo tar xzf libsane.tgz -C /

   9.Now go to edit the file that is dll.conf
  in the directory
  /etc/sane.d/ with the following command:

   $sudo kedit /etc/sane.d/dll.conf

   10. Will open a text file. We will then include
  hp2400 after hp5400 line and then save the file and
  and then we close it.

   11.With the scanner connected and turned on, type the following
  command in the terminal for the sane identify it:


   12.If it is correctly identified, should appear
  a line like this:
found USB scanner (vendor = 0x03f0 [Hewlett-Packard], product = 
0x0a01 [hp scanjet scanner],
chip = GL646_HP) at libusb: 002:003

   13.The information libusb: 002:003 that appears in line
  identification of the scanner is the file where the
  scanner has been mapped and probably will be different this
   By default only the root user will be allowed to
  access the scanner. Then we will change this by giving
  permission to read and write to the file where the scanner
  was mapped. In this example the file is libusb /002/003.
  The files from USB devices are in the directory
   To give permission to all users, type the command:

   $sudo chmod 666 /dev/bus/usb/002/003

   Recalling that the file 002/003 is just one example. The
  file to be placed here should be equal to that found
  libusb information on:

   14.Now will confirm whether the driver was loaded
  correctly. To do this simply type the command:

   $scanimage -L

   15.If everything well occur, you will see a line like this:

   device `hp2400: libusb: 002:003 'is a Hewlett-Packard
  hp2400 flatbed scanner

   His escanner is finally installed and ready to
  be used.

   Just then open the xsane or kooka.

Greetings from Venezuela.

(This was translated using google)


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