[sane-devel] GPL driver for Samsung SCX-4200 MFP

Julien BLACHE jb at jblache.org
Sat Jan 31 19:57:00 UTC 2009

ABC <abc at telekom.ru> wrote:


>> > There is possibility that some of Samsung MFP devices could work with
>> > xerox_mfp backend.
>> That'd be great. I have a Dell 1815dn MFP that's just a rebadged
>> Samsung, and I'd be more than happy to get rid of the proprietary
>> backend crap that keeps locking up the device until I reboot the
>> machine.

I've just tested xerox_mfp on the 1815dn, and it works very well,
although I've had two segfaults with XSane. It could be related to
SANE 1.1, though. A color scan from the ADF will segfault midway;
although the backtrace seems to indicate it's an XSane issue, it also
looks like the stack is broken.

Other than that, the backend is conflicting with usblp to claim the
USB device; do you have a way to fix that? Would going over the
emulated parallel port be possible?

I don't really care as I'm printing over the network anyway and use
USB only for scanning, so I can always blacklist usblp, but not
everybody can do that :/

You can add
device `xerox_mfp:libusb:001:012' is a Dell    Dell Laser MFP 1815 multi-function peripheral
Bus 001 Device 012: ID 413c:5124 Dell Computer Corp. Laser MFP 1815

as a supported device for your backend :)

I've kidnapped the 1815dn for the rest of the week-end, so if there's
anything more you'd like, just ask.



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