[sane-standard] Button handling (was: SANE2 proposal: split button/option)

Jean-Christophe 'Jice' Cardot sane at cardot.net
Sun Jan 21 10:34:58 CET 2007

Le dimanche 21 janvier 2007 00:17, Étienne Bersac a écrit :
> Hi,
> > The backend should have a table storing which button is for which
> > action. This is doable. Some buttons do not have label (e.g. Canon
> > CanoScan N1220U), then just use "button" label. For other case, that
> > just suck to let the user attach random action to random button. Also,
> > if frontend can be aware of button use, it can provide useful default
> > action to a button.
> Another proposal is to use "button-<action>" options of type
> SANE_TYPE_BUTTON to handle one button. The SANE well-known option ref
> doc document available <action>s and we discuss here to add other
> actions as needed.

I like this one. Very simple and easy to parse.
When the buttons have no label like the CanoScan N1220U, I'd use "button-n" (n 
being a sequencial number starting at zero), instead of "button" simply, thus 
allowing the frontend to distinguish the buttons.

> We might start with the following list :
>       * scan
>       * mail

* fax
* copy

> Other should come as they are known. This is still the same issue : the
> well-known-option documentation must be very active while SANE standard
> itself shoul be very frozen :).
> Please comments,
> Étienne.

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