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Date: 2007-09-05 16:11:30 +0000 (Wed, 05 Sep 2007)
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update docs

Modified: doc/narrative_introduction
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+++ doc/narrative_introduction	2007-09-05 16:11:30 UTC (rev 6514)
@@ -359,9 +359,10 @@
 Checking your changes
-After editing the lists in the data directory make sure to run
-make check-syntax from the root of the svn directory to see if
-the tracker is able to parse this file _before_ you commit it.
+Commits are checked for syntax errors before they are actually committed,
+and you'll receive an error and your commit is aborted if it is in error.
+To check your changes yourself beforehand, use "make check-syntax" from
+the root of the svn directory.
 Following up on security issues

Modified: doc/testing-security
--- doc/testing-security	2007-09-05 16:04:23 UTC (rev 6513)
+++ doc/testing-security	2007-09-05 16:11:30 UTC (rev 6514)
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@
 Existing infrastructure
 The main infrastructure we have that could be useful in preparing testing
-secrity updates is the testing-proposed-updates queue. Thanks to the recent
+security updates is the testing-proposed-updates queue. Thanks to the recent
 work on the sarge release, t-p-u is functional for all (or almost all)
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@
 There is the Debian BTS, which contains some but not all details about
 security holes in Debian. Some security holes are not made public until a
 DSA is released, and some are silently fixed in a new upstream release
-uploaded to unstable. The BTS has some isues with keeping track of which
+uploaded to unstable. The BTS has some issues with keeping track of which
 bugs apply to testing, though its developers have been working on solving
 this problem for a while.
@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@
 There will be an apt repository for testing security updates, similar to
 security.debian.org. Uploads to this repository will be made only by
 members of the testing security team, will be GPG signed in the usual way,
-and will be accomponied a DTSA (Debian Testing Security Advisory), posted
+and will be accompanied a DTSA (Debian Testing Security Advisory), posted
 to our web site, and to a mailing list.
 In the very early stages, this will only include security updates for the

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