[Secure-testing-team] Re: summary of what's blocking security fixes from testing

Adeodato Simó asp16 at alu.ua.es
Wed Sep 14 09:26:54 UTC 2005

* Joey Hess [Tue, 13 Sep 2005 23:45:52 -0400]:

> kdegraphics
> 	kde transtion

  4:3.3.2-2sarge1 was propagated to t-p-u, but not accepted because of
  #325254 (uninstallable on powerpc). Anyway, 4:3.3.2-3 is now in t-p-u
  and waiting for buildds (haven't seen any, though).

> kdelibs
> 	kde transition

  4:3.3.2-6.2 seems to be in NEW? And is blocking kdegraphics below.

> qt-x11-free
> 	too young
> 	rc bug

  Is this listed here for some security issue, or because it's blocking
  some stuff? It'll be a long while before it can enter testing, though.

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