[Soc-coordination] debian-images-generator report for July 19, 2006

Carlos Parra Camargo cparra at emergya.info
Wed Jul 19 22:24:35 UTC 2006

This is the 8th report of debian-images-generator project.

Things that have been keeping me busy this days:

* Consider conditional imports in the tasks done.
* I had a lot of problems trying to support external repositories, for
  the moment i only allow local repositories (file:///...) but i'm planing in
  the future support external repositories and let the chance to mix local and
  external repositories.
* Also, i had a problem with some missings fields that there weren't
  loaded, i've rewrite the way that the AptLogic load all the fields and now it's
  working perfectly.
* new importants methods implemented:
  - MediaSet.solidify() and MediaElement.solidify()
        This methods creates the whole temporal media with pool/, dists/,
        .disk/, ... Currently it only generates hard links to the local
        repository and generates the Packages files so there is a lot to be
        done here.
  - MediaSet.generate_images() and MediaElement.generate_image()
        Obviusly, this methods generates the .iso images.
* I've been reading the Makefile and the tools/* scripts of debian-cd,
  also i've been reading a lot of the debian policy.

Sorry for the delay but i've been a little ill.
Emergya, Soluciones Tecnológicas
Tel. +34 954 98 10 53 FAX +34 954 98 11 79
Avda. Luis Montoto, 105
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cparra at emergya.info

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