[Soc-coordination] Report #3 - Automated Multi-Arch Cross-Building and Bootstrapping

Gustavo Alkmim alkmim at lrc.ic.unicamp.br
Mon Jul 4 22:11:39 UTC 2011

Project: Automated Multi-Arch Cross-Building and Bootstrapping
Report #3 - Jun 21th to Jul 4th

The main objective of the project is to produce a tool to sequence the
bootstrapping of a Debian system. This tool should be able to bootstrap any
architecture (armel, mips, amd64, etc) of the repository. The main problem
is to break the cyclic dependencies of important bootstrap needed packages.

The report #1 may be found on [0].
The report #2 may be found on [1].
The complete description of the project may be found on [2].

######## 1) What I have done since the begining

Here I'm just going to summing up the main things I have done since the
begining of the GSoC:

--- Got introduced to the involved persons of the community,
--- Read the documentation related with the project
--- Defined the main objective of the project
--- Finished a bash script to automate the process of find cycles and
determines the build order of non-cyclic packages (gen-dep-graph.sh )
--- Improve the gen-dep-graph.sh so it can download the sources of the
--- Start the implementation of the tool to automate the bootstrap process
(I just did some initial code).

######## 2) What I have done in the past two weeks

--- Improve the gen-dep-graph. I used the "apt-get source" to download the
sources of the packages that is included in some cycle. It was not a hard
task but I had some problems because I thought "apt-get source" was not
downloading the sources of binary-packages. But I was wrong and apt-get
source was download the sources of binary-packages too.

--- Implementation of the auto-bootstrap. I started to code the
auto-bootstrap tool. Now I'mgoing to send an email to Wookey, so we can
discuss what exactly I should implement in the tool.

--- tryed to break the apt-utils cycle of the armel architecture. This cycle
is composed of two small cycles (two clusters). The main task I concentrated
in the past two weeks was on solve the first cycle. It involves the glib2.0
and gamin packages. The first thing I did was to change the control file of
the glib2.0 packages so it is not going to depend gamin anymore.  Now I'm
trying to build the glib2.0 and install it.

######## 3) Next steps

--- Define exactly what are going to be the main functionalities of the
automate bootstrap tool
--- Build and install the packages that don't have cycles.
--- Break the apt-utils from the armel architecture and so break the other
cycles of the armel architecture
--- Break the cycles of other architectures
--- Implement the automate bootstrap tool
--- Put the sources online.

######## 4) References

Gustavo Prado Alkmim
Master Student at Unicamp/Brazil
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