[Splashy-users] splashy and Graphics Card's native fb driver

Kushal Koolwal kushalkoolwal at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 19 23:45:26 UTC 2006

>Why are you trying to install libdirectfb-dev from sources? are you
>using a system based on Sarge/Dapper or anything which has directfb
>0.9.22 (or below)?
Yes I am using Sarge system which has directfb below 0.9.22. And I am doing 
this because in one of your earlier post you had suggested me to do it. I 
guess at that time you didn't know that I am using Sarge system.

>Another thing you can do is simply get the binary package from Sid
>(Splashy). Since Splashy s compiled statically, it should work fine
>with any (older) system/distribution.
I tried installing splashy from 
http://packages.debian.org/unstable/graphics/splashy and the install went 
fine except I got this error upon booting(specifically when the splashy 
client starts) which says something like relocation_error and then some wild 
characters and it was related to glibc. I don't know how to find that error 
message again in the logs so that I can type it to you exactly as it is.

Thanks for the effort for looking into this.


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