[Surfraw-devel] Bug#563743: Bug#563743: surfraw: Error occured while reset 800b: errno=5

stephrom stephromans at orange.fr
Wed Jan 6 11:20:26 UTC 2010

Sorry, but my problem came from the fact that the system config file
changes to /etc/xdg/surfraw/conf.

With the default config, the problem is still there. But, I think that
it comes from sensibe-browser or www-browser (w3m on my system) 
In the default config, if I change sensible-browser with Iceweasel or
if I write no to graphical browser, it works fine.

Edit: In fact the problem is that I have an old environment variable
(BROWSER=w3m). So  sensible-browser was w3m which is not graphical...

Sorry for the noise. Surfraw is not in cause... Only me...

Best regards


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