[Teammetrics-discuss] Commit Stat.

Sukhbir Singh sukhbir.in at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 09:54:33 UTC 2011


> My guess is that this is binary data which is submitted (at least to a
> large extend).

I just checked for both the files and it isn't binary data but proper
commits only.

> do not see a more reasonable approach).  So if you have a chance to
> decide about the size (or even better the content beeing binary or not)
> *before* you fetch the data and prevent trying to run your process into

Before fetching the revision, there is no way we can check how many
lines does it have . The only solution is to fetch the revision. SVN
has very limited support for this (and logs), unlike Git.

So the only probable way of fixing this is by dumping it to a temp
file and then parsing it. But I am still worried about the high CPU
usage this causes on vasks, so let me know whether this concern is
genuine or my imagination!

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