[Teammetrics-discuss] Status Update.

Sukhbir Singh sukhbir.in at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 19:50:35 UTC 2012


I am not happy with `gitstat.py`. I don't like the current approach I
implemented where it fetches the entire repository again. Sure Git is
super fast and what not, but this is approach is too redundant. And
for very large repositories such as 'kernel', the current approach is
a terrible waste of time; I didn't anticipate before we would hit such
large repositories.

I am going to rewrite `gitstat.py` so that already parsed revisions
are not fetched again. How will I make this happen, I am not sure yet
but it has to be done, so I will do this:

    DELETE FROM commitstat WHERE vcs='git';

and then rerun *only* the git part again, not touching `svnstat`
because it has already served it's purpose well.

I am telling you this because: please give me two-three days to change
this and then we can run the improved version and then finalize the


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