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Sun Aug 31 07:41:50 UTC 2008

Author: lummeh-guest
Date: 2008-08-31 07:41:49 +0000 (Sun, 31 Aug 2008)
New Revision: 729

missing config files

Added: tuxtype/branches/tuxtype-soc-mh/TODO
--- tuxtype/branches/tuxtype-soc-mh/TODO	                        (rev 0)
+++ tuxtype/branches/tuxtype-soc-mh/TODO	2008-08-31 07:41:49 UTC (rev 729)
@@ -0,0 +1,109 @@
+-Clean up this TODO and reflect the current status!
+-Replace the five remaining files which are non-free accoring to 
+ Debians Free Software Guidelines with free ones. click.wav and
+ kmus(1-4).wav are only free for non-commercial use.
+-check that SVN is free of generated files. create release-script, 
+  keep release tarballs (after augen.sh is run) in SVN?
+-Test it under MacOSX and windows
+-make the code use UTF8 internally
+-fix the font handling issues
+-Clean up code! (Someone beat it severely with the "oogly stick"!)
+  o  SOUND: I think the way laser.c handles sound playing should
+     be adopted by the rest of the app (via a function so we don't have
+     all these "if (sys_sound)" all over the place
+          & STOP IT ONCE IT IS DONE!
+  o  COMET ZAP: clean up the way text is generated...  right now
+     it is being generated every time! -- plus maybe switch to the
+     AA text
+     --- idea: once the player gets "done" with a wave, they can
+               continue playing on the wave until they are ready 
+	       to move on.  They do so by hitting a key 
+	       (ENTER/SPACE ??) which causes TUX to destroy all
+	       comets at once!
+  o  OBJECTs: ClearObject, EraseObject, ...  needs to be reworked.
+     while these are "objects", I think we should retitle these
+     sprites, as clearobject, eraseobject does not do what one
+     might think (removing from memory)...  Plus we can probably
+     simplify the "realeraseobject" vs. "eraseobject"
+  o  LOCALE: gettext & locales...  enough said
+  o  MAKE STUFF: Cal is working on it for *nix.  We need to make
+     sure we can build for others (win, mac).
+  o  THEMES: after gettext is set up, a way to specify font,
+     fontsize, and other graphical options for the theme...
+     (on top of the already supported images)
+     --- Currently when we are loading a image, it will first
+         search through all the theme paths, and then it will
+         search through all the default paths, which is nice
+         except when the theme has "icons" for the menu.  Then
+         the program will try to load as many icons and since
+         a theme may use fewer images than the default images,
+         the theme will have EXTRA frames that shouldn't be 
+         included!
+  o  INPUT: can TT2 determine if the user presses "fancy" latin
+     characters such as n~, ...  I don't know...  a way to test
+     exists now though :)
+  o  TRANSLATION: once we have gettext working, TT2 will be less
+     of a moving target for translators...
+  o  Tux Recommend: add tux giving friendly reminders about proper
+     hand location, erogomics, ...
+The following is a mail with a list of ideas, this is not really a todo (yet).
+From: Steve McCuen <smccuen.tux at gmail.com>
+To: tuxmath-devel at lists.sourceforge.net
+Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 20:25:15 -0700
+Message-Id: <1179372315.31920.15.camel at mccuen01.mccuenlabs.net>
+Subject: [Tuxmath-devel] tuxtype: feature request list, for comment
+This is the list of requests that came from students using tuxtype.  In
+looking at the list, some are very possible to do.
+* More kinds of games
+        * Some suggested maybe a racing game
+        * Some suggested pinball typing the right letters would make the
+flippers work
+        * Space wars, and battle games with space ships
+* Different background music
+* Different colors
+* Different backgrounds
+* Practice typing letter groups (finger exercises like Mavis)
+* In fish arcade, when you type the letter it highlights in Red, which
+is hard to see.
+* Too much repetition within the games there are
+* More short words, and generally more variety in words and letters
+* High score list
+* More diversity in difficulty, not just speeding up
+* Bonus points, and get more weapons, and rebuild cities
+* More then just comets that come down
+* Younger grades suggested the following:
+        * Fish Cascade to go slower
+        * Say the letter as they come down
+        * Not only saying the words, make the words tell a story
+        * Stops when you miss a letter and gives you a chance to get it right.
+* More levels in Fish Cascade and Comet Zap
+* Ability to choose whether one comet will destroy a city, or several
+* Levels to be longer and harder before switching
+* In Space Cadet, get points for hitting target, and takes away if you
+miss, and if a city is destroyed it doesn't take away points.
+* More shields

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