[Tux4kids-discuss] New Website

Tim Holy holy at wustl.edu
Mon Mar 23 11:31:26 UTC 2009

Hi Matt,

On Sunday 22 March 2009 01:59:59 pm Matthew McSpadden wrote:
> I've been working to make a better website for tux4kids, tuxmath, and
> tuxtype. I had a template up, but I decided I didn't like the tab menus,
> and since you guys didn't give me a whole lot of feedback, I redid them.
> What I would like to know
> 1. Do you like the overall feel for the websites?

I love it---it's a big improvement over what we have now, and I think I like 
it even better than the draft you sent before!

> 2. Do you think the themes for the Tuxmath and Tuxtype are ok? or should
> they be designed closer to the tux4kids template?

I think it's done a good job of capturing the look & feel of tuxmath/tuxtype. 
By using the graphics of the game itself, it really gives a "brand" to the 
game & website.

I for one am enthusiastic to make the replacement as soon as possible; let me 
know if you need me to write any text or such.


> As always they are best viewed in any browser other than IE (though they
> are not bad in IE)
> http://tux4kids.alioth.debian.org/newsitetest/tux4kids/
> http://tux4kids.alioth.debian.org/newsitetest/tuxmath/
> http://tux4kids.alioth.debian.org/newsitetest/tuxtype/
> If everyone likes them, we can make the final changes and start filling
> them in, and perhaps have the new site up before GSOC gets into full swing.
> Thanks,
> Matt
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