[Tux4kids-tuxtype-dev] Tux4Kids GSoC selections announced today by Google

David Bruce davidstuartbruce at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 01:20:17 UTC 2009


Today Google released the list of accepted applicants for GSoC 2009.
This year, Tux4Kids was allocated five slots.  We had over forty
applications for these positions, and obviously many good proposals
could not be accommodated.  The five selected projects are:

1. Boleslaw Kulbabinski - SVG support and flexible graphics
positioning systems for TuxMath and TuxType.

2. Michal Switakowski - Administration tool for Tux4Kids.
3. Francisco Tufro - Audio Refactoring and Comment Support for Tux Paint.
4. Sarah Frisk - User Word/Phrase Input and Report Card Feature for Tux Typing

5. Akash Gangil -  LAN Multiplayer Support for Tux Math
Congratulations are certainly in order for these five students.
However, there were quite a few other proposals that were very nearly
as strong.  We had also anticipated having two or three more
positions, so we had to decline some very good ideas that would also
have been excellent projects.

I sincerely thank everyone who submitted proposals, as well as the
mentors for this summer, and all of the tux4kids developers who
reviewed the proposals.

The next month is the "Bonding Period" as laid out in the GSoC
Timeline.  The students and mentors should get in touch this week to
further discuss the summer's projects.  We will set up branches in the
tux4kids svn repository (or the tuxpaint cvs repository) for each of
the projects.


David Bruce

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