[Tux4kids-tuxtype-dev] [Tuxpaint-devel] Anyone want to mentor for Tux4Kids in GSoC 2012?

David Bruce davidstuartbruce at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 21:15:36 UTC 2012


I just submitted our org application for GSoC 2012, but we still need to
get the ideas page written.  When I tried to pull up the Ideas page from
last year's application, I got a 404 - Not Found error.  That might be just
as well, however, as the Google folks told me last year that the reason we
didn't get accepted was that our Ideas page was  not sufficiently developed
(I had wrongly assumed that it didn't have to be "final" until the student
application period opened).

So, I set up a project/wiki at http://code.google.com and set up a
placeholder for the ideas page:


as well as a fairly completed student application template:


I did this just now, so I'm not certain that they are publicly editable or
visible, but I will try to test that and make sure.

The key thing is to get the ideas list done in the next 24 hours.  I will
be busy at work but can probably get it done, but help from anyone else is
welcomed.  The deadline is 2300 UTC March 9.

Also - we will be requesting no more than 2 student slots this year.


David Bruce

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