[Utnubu-discuss] src: redhat-cluster X redhat-cluster-suite

André Felipe Machado andremachado at techforce.com.br
Thu May 17 03:40:14 UTC 2007

I already sent an improved previously sent patch for closing 2 very
small but annoying bugs at redhat-cluster opened for too much time.
already successfully compiled and installed the packages rebuilt.
will have to test them, as dpkg could not configure them.
Already adapted ubuntu system-config-cluster and rebuilt on etch
tomorrow I will try to carefully test these packages.
Then, modify changelog to debian policy naming standard.

Interaction ubuntu <-> debian:
At these specific packages, ubuntu maintainer seems to have a lead start
from 2004.
How avoid efforts duplication?
What are the differences from redhat-cluster from ubuntu to debian
really needed, justifying a different packaging?
(this answer could save a lenghty analysis of the two sources).

I will try to help with packaging porting efforts and debugging at these
packages. I will have to use them.
I made rpm packages for years before, have to use RH at work also, and
from some months have been improving my deb packaging knowledge.

The redhat-cluster maintainer could be a natural sponsor for these nmu.
How much time should I wait for an answer before asking for other dd for
a nmu sponsoring?
I know a few  other DDs at my country that could help (also, could be
straightfoward for a future nm process) at these nmu after some
reasonable timeout.

Andre Felipe Machado

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