[Utnubu-maintainers] ...I think you can help ,please !!!

Wilson Dalmini wdalmini at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 13:54:40 UTC 2009


Greetings, I communicate you with honest Intentions and I seek to make contact 
with you and acquaint myself with you for mutual benefit towards overcoming a 
Dilemma regarding certain funds left behind in an Investment Account by a 
Deceased client of a Bank here in South-Africa.

I have the opportunity to be working as an external Auditor when I came across 
this Account with a substantial Deposit in foreign currency which has not been 
claimed since for some years, I sent out notices for Claims of this money and 
the Bank informed me that the Owner, a Foreigner passed away during the 
Zimbabwean Crisis and was a Farmer who was assassinated when his farm was taken 
over, this man had no family and left no Beneficiary information.

This Money if it is not claimed may be tuned over to the Treasury if someone 
does not claim it hence my decision to contact you for your Interest so I can 
present you as the Business partner to this deceased owner. It is required that 
an Application for claims be entered and approval given within 15 days so this 
money can be transferred to your overseas Account, there is no risk involved 
because I will lay the necessary groundwork and you will provide the Overseas 
Account to receive this money upon Approval.

If this money is not claimed within the next 2 months, it will be taken to the 
Treasury and both of us can work together to avoid this, because this Country 
has a weak investment climate, this money can be invested in your country than 
allowing corrupt Government officials to have access to it.

I will inform you of the Amount involved, as well as your percentage after I 
receive a Favorable and positive feedback from you, your percentage shall be 
discussed upon your agreement. Please contact me by Email, Telephone or Fax and 
furnish me with the following details;




I will get in touch with you afterwards; this proposal is for Mutual Financial 
Benefit and not to mis-lead you.

Thank you and Best Regards,

wdalmini at gmail.com

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