[Lilo-devel] Development of lilo finished

u-jc9m at aetey.se u-jc9m at aetey.se
Thu Dec 31 15:47:08 UTC 2015

On Wed, Dec 30, 2015 at 10:39:55PM +0100, Joachim Wiedorn wrote:
> Now it is the end of the year and I have said I finish the 
> development of Lilo at the end of the year.
> In the last 5 months some people said they would have the 
> intention / idea to overtake the development, but until now 
> I nobody have done the next step...
> I let all as it is (homepage, lists, source codes) and for
> history and perhaps the next developer of Lilo.
> So I will say "thank you" to all faithful user of Lilo and 
> wish you a very good new year 2016.
> Have a nice day.
> Joachim (Germany)

Thanks for all your work on lilo Joachim. It is appreciated.

Have a nice New Year and fun with whatever you will do
instead of lilo!

(It is a nice and valuable tool, hope it will be kept alive,
by someone else.)

Best regards


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