Moving PET to Alioth / wagner.d.o

Ansgar Burchardt ansgar at
Mon Aug 29 19:51:33 UTC 2011


we would like to move the Package Entropy Tracker[0] from my private
machine to Alioth (wagner.d.o).  This would make it easier for others to
work on PET or just access the database -- for example Lucas has
expressed interest in importing data from PET into UDD.

As already discussed with Stephen Gran during DebConf, we want PET on
wagner and not another host as it needs (read-only) access to
the repositories[1].

For this we would need (on wagner)

 - a postgresql database with the debversion type,
 - the packages python-argparse python-debian python-debianbts
   python-inotifyx python-psycopg2 python-sqlalchemy
   python-subversion, and python-pyramid from squeeze-backports,
 - a vhost for pet{,-devel} that runs the web
   application.  Currently PET runs as a wsgi application as a dedicated
   user.  I don't know how you would prefer to set it up, but I've
   attached my current Apache configuration for reference (this also
   needs mod_wsgi).

In case PET will run as a dedicated user, it would be nice to have sudo
access to this user for the pet group.  This would also enable us to
tell Apache to reload the application (by killing the process running as
the PET user).


[0] <>
[1] Currently we need to (ab)use gitweb to retrieve specific versions of
    files from Git unless we want to clone the entire repository.

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