[pkg-fso-maint] Bug#541824: Bug#541824: mokomaze

Anton Olkhovik ant007h at gmail.com
Sun Aug 16 15:07:27 UTC 2009


>> Package: mokomaze
>> Version: 0.5.5+git8-1
>> Severity: normal
>> A way to exit the game not involving sending the process a signal
>> would be nice, expecially because it starts in full-screen...
> the screenshot on http://mokomaze.projects.openmoko.org/ indicates that
> a new version does this already, but we already have the newest I
> think.
> Anton, can you comment on that?

The screenshot is correct - you can quit by pressing big blue "x"
button. This feature appeared in v0.5.0 and still available in actual
version (0.5.5+git8).

This button is a part of the menu. The menu appears when you touch the
screen (or click the mouse within game's window). Maybe Enrico forgot
to do it first?


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