About me, about Wormux

Jean Parpaillon jean.parpaillon at free.fr
Wed Feb 15 21:19:06 UTC 2006

Dear all,
I subscribe this maillist a few days ago. As I'm a quite busy, I'm
introducing myself only now.
I recently packaged the game wormux. You can try it with :

deb http://download.gna.org/wormux/debs [sarge|sid]/

Source packages are available at the same adresse too. Amongst fenio,
another Debian maintainer, the packaging seems quite good. I split it
into 2 packages : wormux and wormux-data. I used svn-buildpackage to
upload to the gna.org repository, but I'm not used to it, and I have
some issues upgrading it to upstream and labelling the packaging with
correct tags.

About the game itself, it is GPL and there is no known issues with
original Worms from Team17, from whom the game is inspired. You can find
more infos at http://www.wormux.org/.

>From technical point of view, the game use SDL and libxml++, so it
should compile on a lot of architectures. We already have working
binaries for i386, PPC, amd64 and even Windows (why not ?).

If anyone is interested in incorporating this game into Debian, I am
waiting for you to give you any information you need. Please let me know
if someone wants to be the maintainer, or help me to be the maintainer
or anything else to have this great game :-) into the great distribution :-)

Cheers, Jean

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