Bug#501083: [file-roller] Should not Recommend legacy archivers

Roman Mamedov roman at rm.pp.ru
Mon Oct 6 11:26:37 UTC 2008


Thanks for the reply.

Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Le samedi 04 octobre 2008 à 05:19 +0600, Roman Mamedov a écrit :
>> The current "Recommends" list is highly questionable, or even
>> arbitrary, as it lists "arj genisoimage ncompress rpm
>> unace", of which at least arj, unace and rpm are of dubious usefulness
>> on a modern Debian system. However, when using
>> apt-get, all listed packages are installed in a mandatory way along
>> with File-roller itself.
> This may sound surprising, but ARJ and ACE are formats that are still
> used nowadays.

For unpacking old or received archives - probably, but there is no point in using these formats to create new archives.

> As for RPM, I’ll let you search around the web for a while and see if you don’t find any.

RPM is the RedHat package manager format, also used in several other distributions.
However I fail to see a use case where user of a Debian system would routinely (or at all) need to manually unpack RPMs.
If one needs to install a package made for another system (a dangerous thing to do), there's a tool ("alien") made
specifically for that.

With respect,

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