[Debian GNUstep maintainers] GNUstep and FHS in Debian (why is it i always want to make fun of such subjects)

Gürkan Sengün gurkan at linuks.mine.nu
Wed Aug 10 18:56:34 UTC 2005

(kinda like in GNUstep and Debian drowning in FHS ;) 

Dear friends, Eric,

Is there any solution in sight that'll make anyone happy?
(I'm asking since I will want to u se the latest gnustep packages,
and update some gnustep software that got new releases, and
more will be coming soon) and i'm all for enabling fat binaries.

I've just wanted to tell you about:
GWorkspace vs OpenSpace

Do you think you can make debian packages of this?

And have you looked how GoboLinux has their packages in
their directory structure? Nifty and interesting:


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