[Soc-coordination] Final mentor reports due this week

Fabio Tranchitella kobold at debian.org
Fri Sep 8 17:14:39 UTC 2006

Il giorno sab, 09/09/2006 alle 00.33 +1000, Anthony Towns ha scritto:
> It looks like our results are:
>     6/10 successful:   bootspeed, i18n, debian-cd-ng, tracker tools, 
>                        britney, debbugs

I'm glad to see the britney project in the successful category, even if
some work (mainly testing) is still needed to really use it in
production, but this will probably shift after the etch release.

> It'd be great to hear any thoughts you've all had on the project either
> here or on planet, too :)

I'd like to add something: I think that the experience that students
gained during the project is a valuable good and we (as Debian project)
should try to preserve and make use of it. It is quite common for SoC
projects to complitely stop at the dead-line, and I hope that mentors
and (speaking in general) Debian will support students if they decide to
continue their works in the future.


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